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Efficiency is the ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money and time in doing something or in producing a desired result. Technical support department desired result is a qualitatively resolved query, which leads to Your satisfaction.

This guide explains what information helps to answer queries more efficiently and how it accelerates the process of solving any questions you might have. Instead of spending time searching for the details required to solve a query we are able to jump straightly to identification of the issue.

In the next page you can find a table with needed information in Query and instructions on how to gather that information.


1. Gather information about the issue, what is the device model, configuration, firmware/configurator

Device: TMT250/TST100/GH5200/TAT100 etc.;

Configuration: Attach configuration file

Firmware version: 55.XX.YY.Rev.ZZ / 03.25.05.Rev.XX

Status information: responses to relevant SMS/GPRS commands

Provide IMEI and GSM number of 1-3 devices with the issue

2. Specify the number of devices and how often the issue repeats

Repeating: Often/Randomly/Everyday/There is a pattern/Under certain conditions;

If the Repeating is specified as “Under certain conditions”– write on how to repeat those conditions

3. Provide additional information

Log files - Provide live information when the issue is happening. Log files can be taken via configurator.

Dump files - Provide files that the device logged automatically. You have to make sure to take them from FOTA WEB or configurator.

Information How to get it Why we need it Example
Device information This information has to be gathered from

your platform or your system which monitors the devices

It will help to understand the scale of the issue and

also find the cause more quickly by finding the connection between affected devices

Number and model of affected devices: 2 units of GH5200
Firmware version SMS command



Firmware version will allow us to analyze if the

described issue is not already fixed on a newer firmware version



Configuration Configuration can be downloaded directly

from device through FOTA WEB, FOTA or Configurator

The configuration used on the device allows us to

analyze if the issue is not caused by improperly configured settings or features

Attach the device configuration file to the Query
How to repeat Monitor the devices on the server and

provide information, under which conditions issue occurs

It will help the engineers to understand the conditions

better and allow to repeat it personally, which will lead to a faster solution

Device enters deep sleep mode, when you press

the alarm button it doesn't wake up, only wakes up when movement is detected

Log files It can be taken via Configurator's

Maintenance tab or via Terminal

Log files allow the engineers to provide you

with initial insights into your issue with first response

Attach captured log files to the Query
Dump files You have to make sure to take them from

Configurator Maintenance tab or FOTA WEB

after issue happened. And take them not more

than 2 or 3 hours after the issue otherwise device overwrites those files

Dump files allow the engineers to provide you

with initial insights into your issue with first response

Attach captured dump files from FOTA WEB or configurator to the Query
Status information SMS/GPRS commands such as

getinfo, getver, getstatus can be used to

provide valuable information

Depending on the issue, status information will allow

us to analyze the issue more quickly and possibly

provide a solution immediately

SMS responses to getver from device:

Ver:55.00.07_02 GPS:AXN_5.10_3333

Hw:TMT250 Mod:2 IMEI:359632106584425

Init:2020-6-2 13:50 Uptime:3798

MAC:001E42B7C137 SPC:1(0) AXL:10 BL:1.7


If you cannot gather information from one of above steps, it can be skipped, however, please inform the engineer in the Query.