TMT250 Keyboard

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A virtual keyboard is based on two buttons: Alarm Button and Power Button. Each button has three click combinations and one Power Button-specific combination for power off:

  • 1 Click – button is pressed once for no longer than two seconds.
  • 2 Clicks – button is pressed for no more than two times. Time between clicks has to be shorter than one second.
  • Long Click – button in pressed and held down for two seconds.
  • 5 second-long click on Power Button - the device is turned off.
Name Description
None Do nothing when button is triggered
Alarm Activate Alarm scenario
ManDown On Enable ManDown scenario
ManDown Off Disable ManDown scenario
ManDown Toggle Activate/Deactivate ManDown scenario
Auto Geofence On Enable Auto Geofence scenario
Auto Geofence Off Disable Auto Geofence scenario
Auto Geofence Toggle Activate/Deactivate Auto Geofence scenario
Call/Hang Up Hangup when incoming call is in progress/Call to number selected in Call Action