TMT250 Firmware Errata

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We are always improving our devices performance, stability and reliability. That’s why Teltonika is one of the leading GNSS trackers manufacturers in the world. This document describes TMT250 devices firmware improvements, changes, new features implementations as well as current firmware release version.

Firmware versioning

  • Structure
 FMB.VER.[XX].[YY].[ZZ].Rev.[##] _ID[###]
  • Syntax description
    • XX – major FW version.
    • YY – branch number - shows major changes in firmware, i.e. new module support added or new major feature added.
    • ZZ – major changes like bigger fixes, improvements and new features addition.
    • ## – minor changes like small fixes and improvements.
    • ID[###] – Spec ID KEY – Specific clients FW ID.

Firmware versions

(Current firmware release version for TMT250)
  • Reworked User Interface configuration.
  • Reworked Keyboard configuration.
  • Implemented Event Notificiation panel.
  • Implemented Call After Answer functionality
  • Implemented User ID functionality.
  • Implemented On Demand data acquisition functionality.
  • Implemented Buttion IO Feature.
  • Optimized wake up from deep sleep by movement.
  • Updated default settings.
  • Improved BLE compatibility with beacons.
03.21.04.Rev.255 2019.08.06
  • Add traces to log accelerometer raw data .
  • Improved accelerometer configuration.
  • Changed GPS moving speed for TMT250 handheld to 2km/h.
  • Improved Bluetooth performance.
  • Improved BT local name configuration..
  • Added BMI160 accelerometer support.
  • Improved configuration file saving procedure.
  • Improved GNSS Fix Led indication.
  • Improved FOTA Firmware update performance.
  • Improved UDS wake-up performance.
  • Improved data sending.
  • Improved Autogeofence functionality performance.
  • Improved battery percentage calculation algorithm.
  • Alarm functionality enabled by default.
  • BLE stability improvements.
  • Other minor working stability improvements.
03.21.01.Rev.01 2018.10.26
  • Implemented configurable sleep exit sources
  • Implemented “performance” and “low power” saving modes
  • Implemented movement/no movement feature
  • Implemented trip/odometer functionality
  • Implemented BLE 4.0 functionalities
  • Overall firmware stability improvements
  • Improved user interface section
  • Improved battery charging logic
  • Implemented low battery notification
  • Improved records saving
  • Implemented configurable order priority for alarm feature
  • Implemented tracking turn on/off by button
  • Fixed data sending from flash issue
  • Fixed "getgps", "getgnss" and incoming call action report position problems
  • Fixed wake up from sleep by Alarm button
  • Fixed LED indication issue
  • Changed movement detection thresholds for TMT250
03.16.02. Rev.55 2018.07.13
  • Implemented automatic power on by USB/charger
  • Implemented FOTA WEB support
  • Updated GNSS module firmware
  • Battery charging improvements
  • Implemented Battery level (%), Charger connected IO elements
  • Implemented Codec8E support for TMT250
  • Increased amount of options for incoming call settings
  • Implemented Alarm, Man-Down and Overspeeding features
  • Implemented different Auto Geofencing logic for TMT250
  • Implemented LED indication configuration for different events
  • Implemented keyboard configuration
  • Improved SMS sending
  • Improved call stability