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Bluetooth 4.0 settings

TFT100 offers Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy, also referred as BLE) functionality.

Blue-tooth 4.0v2 settings.PNG

Configurable parameters:

  • Non Stop Scan - Enabled Non Stop Scan feature, the device will try to scan for the sensors all the time if any of them are configured.
  • TZ-BT04/05/05B Update frequency – changes sensor's temperature/humidity/battery voltage data update frequency.
    Minimum value: 120 s, maximum value: 65535 s, default value: 120.
  • BLE Scan Duration - Sensors data reading time.
  • Scan retries until error - Configured scan retries, to show the Error Value '3000' - sensor disconnected.
  • Working mode – Bluetooth connection mode. Disabled: Bluetooth 4.0 connection will not be used. TZ-BT04/05/05B sensor: this Bluetooth connection will be used to communicate with TZ-BT04/05/05B sensor. Advanced - It allows to gather data from BLE device‘s broadcast packets regardless of what data packing protocol is used.

Configuration modes

Non Stop Scan Enabled.

Non Stop.png

In Configurator when Non Stop sensor scans is active update frequency & scan retries until error will be hidden. Although BLE scan duration will still be active because it is important for btgetlist SMS command.

Non Stop Scan Disabled, Scan period is selected manually.


From the picture above, the Scan time period will be selected from two sources, BLE Scan Duration - the time when sensors are scanned and the Update frequency - The time when the sensor information is packed as the AVL Data record.

For example:

Update frequency - 120 seconds.

BLE Scan Duration - 60 Seconds

Device will start the first scan after 120 seconds and will scan nearby BLE devices for 60 seconds to update configured sensor data. The sensor data will be updated every 120 seconds. Update Frequency is counted even while a scan is performed.

Update frequency period passes. 120 seconds -> 0 seconds, a 60 second scan is initiated. Update Frequency countdown is restarted (countdown from configured value to 0) while the scan (according to the BLE Scan duration parameter) is performed.

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