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The table below shows certification status and availability for relevant Teltonika products. If certificate is available, the "+" symbol has an active hyperlink to certificate page in Teltonika wiki. You can press the symbol to view certificate. For more information about certificates, please contact your sales manager.

Legend[edit | edit source]

Certificate is available. They can be acessed by pressing the box of coresponding certificate, or in device certificate page.
Certificate is being prepared.
Certificate is planned. A preliminary date of completion is provided.
Certificate is not available.

Product Name Cellular Technology Regulatory Compliance Certificate
CE/RED (EU) EAC (CIS)) E-mark (EU) FCC (USA) PTCRB (USA) RoHS (EU) REACH (EU) ANATEL (BR) Ingress protection rating
TMT250 2G + + + + +
GH5200 2G + + + +
TST100 2G + + + + +
TFT100 2G Q3 2020 + Q3 2020 + +
TAT100 2G Q4 2020 +