SAS Certificates overview

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The table below shows certification status and availability for relevant Teltonika products. If certificate is available, the "+" symbol has an active hyperlink to certificate page in Teltonika wiki. You can press the symbol to view certificate. For more information about certificates, please contact your sales manager.


Certificate is available. They can be acessed by pressing the box of coresponding certificate, or in device certificate page.
Certificate is being prepared.
Certificate is planned. A preliminary date of completion is provided.
Certificate is not available.

Product Name Cellular Technology Regulatory Compliance Certificate
CE/RED (EU) EAC (CIS)) E-mark (EU) UCRF (Ukraine) FCC (USA) PTCRB (USA) RoHS (EU) REACH (EU) ANATEL (BR) Ingress protection rating
TMT250 2G + + + + + + +
GH5200 2G + + + + + + +
TST100 2G + + + + + +
TFT100 2G + + + + + +
TAT100 2G Q2 2021 + Q2 2021 + + Q2 2021

More certificates, approvals & declarations for different devices can be found here:
TFT100 | TST100 | GH5200 | TMT250 | TAT100