Command: battery

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BatState: 1 FSMState: ACTIVE ChargerIC: OFF ExtV: 11796 BatV: 3942 BatI: 0

Response details Description Description
BatState Battery:

0 - disconnected
1 - connected

BatState: 1
FSMState Current battery state FSMState: ACTIVE
ChargerIC Battery charging status ChargerIC: OFF
ExtV External voltage ExtV: 11796
BatV Battery voltage BatV: 3942
BatI Battery charging current BatI: 0

Note: If you want to know device battery level %, send SMS/GPRS command: readio 113
Example: Device has battery level 100 %
Sending command: readio 113
Answer sent from the device: IO ID:113 Value:100
Value: 100 means that battery level is 100% !